11 Controversies about Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer

Caesar Milan, the miraculous dog whisperer has been a household name since 2004 but recent research has proved his methods to be unscientific and technically bogus and not gone down well with animal experts. Many animal right organizations and dog trainers have actually challenged his training techniques. His controversial theory of the alpha leading a pack of dogs and using physical force has been contradicted largely. In fact, he has been blamed for animal cruelty to the extent that National Geographic started to put a disclaimer before his show stating “do not attempt these techniques without consulting a professional”


1Many Experts Dispute His Theories

Milan’s theory is based on dominance which states that the human owner is the alpha which stems from an age-old theory of the wolf packs and an alpha male leading the packs. But many dog trainers have already debunked this theory as wrong science.

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2A Post on His Blog Claims Science Is Coming Around To His Theories

Cesar boasted in his blog that science is catching up with his theories which are highly debatable in scientific circles. He states that dogs that led more often had higher dominance ranks in everyday situations. But the experts still doubt such social hierarchy is present in domestic dogs.

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3His Training Techniques Have Been Criticized

Even his training techniques are closely scrutinised and have come under some scathing criticism. According to Nicholas Dodman who is a dog behaviourist and professor at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Milan is actually abusive! Also, others have notified that Milan doesn’t have any legitimate medical or behavioural credentials which would justify his methods.

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4Many Experts Say His Techniques Are Counterproductive

On his shows he trains dogs by poking the belly or pinning it on the floor and grabbing it by the neck. He claims he is asserting his dominance but in reality, he is instilling fear in the creatures which is harmful for the dog. In fact, a 2009 research has proved that physical dominance like this can make the dog ferocious and aggressive.

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