These 6 conspiracy theories will always be an issue of debate


Some people strongly believe in them, while others are not quite sure what to believe in. Theories of conspiracy have always intrigued us and have really made us want to know more about what was behind the certain deed or event. Whether we want to think that, where there is a smoke, there is always fire, or we are more into real and proven facts, theories of conspiracy would always be around us, because of a few reasons; firstly because people love them and want to talk about them; then, there are certain facts that are leading to these theories (no matter how true they are) and lastly, there are so many books and movies and many more to come, that would never let humanity give up on liking and taking about this topic. Here we go: the following list would remind you of certain stories and would inspire you to start a debate with your friends.

1 The assassination of John Kennedy

The American President was murdered on November 22, 1963, officially by Lee Harvey Oswald. The theory of conspiracy in this case doesn’t accept this belief. According to the amateur shoot from a tourist camera and from the cameras of the media, the President’s head was blown with bullets from three different sides. If Oswald was standing on the alleged building and shot one bullet towards the President, then where the two other shooters standing and more importantly, who were they?! People who believe in this theory don’t think that Oswald was actually involved with the assassination, but was only a spy for the FBI or the KGB who was no longer needed, so they used him as a the main suspect. Details from Oswald on the assassination were never disclosed, because he was murdered two days after Kennedy’s assassination.

The assassination of John Kennedy

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2 The Holocaust

It may sound crazy, but there are people who believe that the Holocaust was a big fat lie, and in fact never happened. Conspiracy theories claim that the Nazis never murdered over 6 million Jews during the World War II, and many theorists claim that the Holocaust was conspired by the Jews to advance their own interests and to justify the creation of Israel. The theory goes so far, as to say that any deaths that happened in concentration camps were from starvation or disease and not because there were mass murders with death gas. According to the believers of this theory, The Diary of Anne Frank is a forgery.

The Holocaust

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3 Americans landing on the Moon

Good amount of people around the world, including Americans don’t think that Neil Armstrong actually walked on the moon. Those who are pro this theory believe, that it was all staged in a Hollywood studio and in fact that certain mistakes like the flag standing up are betraying the whole story. Others think that back in the 60s, the world, not even America, had enough modern technology to go up to the Moon.

4 9/11

The day when the World Trade Center in New York City was destroyed to the ground, opened many conspiracy theories and inspired many authors and writers to give their opinions on it. People who strongly believe in this theory would never abandon the belief that this was inside job. If the two towers were made from the strongest steal, how was it possible for two planes to manage to crash two huge buildings to the ground. The conspiracy theory believes that the U.S. government either planned the attack or aided in the complete destruction of the towers to fuel hatred and to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

5 Shakespeare’s identity

If you have seen the movie Anonymous (2011), you definitely have the worm of the doubt in your head. Many people believe that Shakespeare was not the original author of those famous plays. The profile of William Shakespeare was that of a simple and illiterate man, who had never left his native town and yet was writing about places in Italy like Verona, or Denmark. However, he never even went to London. Most people who believe that the actor Shakespeare was a good cover for someone who actually wrote the plays and used his name as a pen name. According to the movie, the author was a man of the royal family, who was highly educated, well traveled and clever, but back in those times, writing was not something a royalty would do. It was forbidden for him to do it, and he desperately wanted to publish his plays even with the identity of someone else. The most plausible author could be either Christopher Marlowe, Ben Johnson, Francis Bacon or Sir Walter Raleigh.

6 TV and subliminal messages

Not that this isn’t true, but some people further believe that the government had installed micro cameras to spy on the people. Of course, according to this theory, the governments are brainwashing the viewers by presenting them commercials with hidden messages (the brainwash can go from making them addicts to certain product or blindly believing in what their government has to say). Again, this theory is pretty real today, of course minus that micro camera thing, but yes the world is a slave to products, believes in commercials and shops things that are not too necessary for them.


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