36 Common Mistakes That Are Making the Life of Your Home Appliances Shorter

It so often happens that our home appliances tend to break down before their expected time and you have to get your local appliance repair company to come out and get it working again. This could be due to the fact that we always disregard the instructions on the manual and have a tendency to misuse our gadgets. We simply neglect to take the time out to properly service our appliances every once in a while. While we choose to neglect, much of this neglect stems from the fact that we know very little about appliance maintenance. This can often be the case if you have an air conditioning system in your home. For example, did you know that there are specialist air duct cleaning companies such as Willard Power Vac that can clean and service your A/C unit to keep it running at its best? It’s important to look after your appliances if you want them to last. Therefore, here are some maintenance tips that will not only help to prevent the premature break down of your appliances (or to help give that brand new Warmtepompdrogers – washer dryer – the longevity it should have), but might also help in extending their working life:


1Using your washing machine maintenance

1.Loads that are finished should be removed immediately, since laundry when damp is heavy and letting it remain inside the machine for a prolonged period of time may damage the drum. If you’ve realised that this or any other part of your washing machine has been damaged, it may be time to get in touch with a Washing Machine Repair company, who can help resolve these issues. It can be as easy as doing a quick google search and you’ll be able to find your local repair company. It is best to be safe than sorry.

2. Check all the pockets of clothes properly, to remove any loose change or other objects before putting them inside the machine for washing.


3. Only use special detergents and softeners that are meant for machines because hand-washing detergents cause too much foam which can lead to breakage.

Washing machine maintenance

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2Cleaning your washing machine

4. If your machine does not consist of a specially fitted self-cleaning cycle option, then you will have to clean it manually, at least once in a month. To do this, just run the machine when it is empty on the hottest cycle and do an extra rinse. Also, add in a little vinegar, lemon juice, or a descaling agent into the washing powder dispenser compartment.

Cleaning your washing machine

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3Treating your washing machine

5. Don’t keep anything heavy on the washing machine and never stand on it.

6. After every wash, wipe up the rubber parts inside the machine. To prevent mold formation, remove the dispenser drawer and clean it out thoroughly and let it dry, once done.

Treating your washing machine

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4 Refrigerators, transporting your fridge

7. Compressor oil leakage can be caused by switching the refrigerator on immediately after it has been delivered. If the fridge was not tilted during transportation and you know this for a fact, it would still be advisable to wait 4 to 6 hours before switching it on. However, if you do have a doubt, wait for at least 15 hours.


8. Even before the fridge is delivered to you, you have to take proper measures to ensure that it will be well maintained. See to it that your fridge is transported upright and that it was not tilted more than 40 degrees, or else the compressor oil will leak out and might damage the entire system.

Transporting your fridge

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5Cleaning your fridge

9. There is no need to completely defrost modern refrigerator models twice in a year. But it is still necessary to give your fridge a thorough cleaning every once in a while. Just make sure to disconnect it from the socket before you begin the cleaning process.

10.It is much recommended to use a vacuum cleaner when cleaning the back of the fridge. However, remember to unplug the fridge first.


11.Never put hot dishes into the fridge. In fact let them cool down first and then place them inside.

Cleaning your fridge

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