10 Common Mistakes Most Parents Regret Making While Raising Kids

Every parent wants the best for their children to give them a good life. This is why many works to buy the best for them like new toys and stuff, but others could be too strict and prefer to excessively discipline their children to force them to reach their goals, not for the benefit of the kids but to satisfy their own inflated egos. In contrast, there are many parents who give their children options and help them learn to make their own decisions. Families vary in bringing up the children but if there is one common factor that involves most parents, it is the regret when they look back at the mistakes they have made with their kids in the past hoping to get a chance to remedy that. Here are the common things that parents regret so that one can avoid making the same mistakes.


1They didn’t enjoy proper communication with their child

A child that grows from a baby to an independent adult needs to be always in touch with the parents and family. Parents too need to be in communication with their children also. If there is not much free time, it is ok if a parent is busy doing something while the child is playing or occupied, but if this gets into a routine habit, then before you know it, your child will have turned into an adult leading their own lives. Time waits for no one so you won’t get back that time you lost. Try and more physically and mentally close to your child and enjoy the time you both spend together. There are some great schemes for parents when their kids move to middle grade if they missed this valuable time. Most schools in our area (at least) are starting to roll in a new program to increase communication between teachers and parents. At 3 pm, this data is key. Once your child has finished school you’re able to help him/ her with their homework in the best possible way based on there 9-3 activities. Its all done through a software very similar to School Status, you should enquire with your school to see if this is an option for you and your child.

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2They didn’t hug their children often enough

Studies have proved that hugs are good for moral and physical health. Irrespective of this, it is always good to hug your child. There are many parents who don’t do this because of outdated thinking and advice ‘don’t hold your child too much or they may get used to it”.


That is weird because when the child grows older, they may not allow you to hug them when you really want to. You should hug them whenever you can.

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3They didn’t take enough photos and videos of their kids

Well, this will create problems later on in life neither will it have an effect on the child’s physical and emotional health. However, it is very certainly likely in the future when you are older and reminiscing on memories, you won’t have photographs of memories and moments that you remember most.

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Photos cement memories forever

Moreover, these valuable moments are ones that you would usually want to cherish with your kids when they become adults. You would obviously want photographs of your baby’s first steps or your first day of outing when they were a toddler.

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4They forgot to write down their first words

These are also beautiful and good memories which you may live easily without but when you do have them, you will one day look back and feel good reading what you child first spoke or even when their first words written at home or school. A nice way to maintain such memories is a baby book.

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