We’ve Made a Collection of Rare Historical Photos to Show You the Amazing Side of Past

13Hannah Stilley, the first person who got clicked, 1840

Getting clicked or taking a photo is very easy nowadays but 150-200 years back when cameras were slowly entering our lives and were considered as luxury. It is said that this lady, Hannah Stilley is the first person to be photographed sometime in 1840 and it can be clearly seen that nobody told her to smile.

Hannah Stilley

Image Source: pixserv.clipmass.com

14Oil crisis can bring fun too

The rates of fuel may be troubling all of us but still the situation is far better than what it was in USA in 1973. At that time, the country faced oil crisis because of which there was so less traffic on the highways that people actually started having picnics on the highways. However some claim that this photo is of Netherlands when they used to have car-free Sundays.

Oil crisis can bring fun too

Image Source: blazepress.com

15A 5 MB hard-drive shipped by IBM in 1956

Our lives can’t be imagined without computers and laptops nowadays, in fact we carry them with us wherever we go but can you believe that it would have been impossible for us to carry even a 5 MB hard drive, leave alone a computer in 1956. Here is a photo in which IBM is shipping a 5 MB hard drive:

5 MB hard-drive shipped by IBM

Image Source: imgur.com

16This is a diver suit designed in 1911, not Iron Man

This is one of the first diver suits which was designed by Chester E. Macduffee and it used to weight 250 kg. The job of a diver would have been a difficult one in those times we must say! How can a person go under water wearing a suit of 250 kg?

Diver suit

Image Source: mshcdn.com


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