We’ve Made a Collection of Rare Historical Photos to Show You the Amazing Side of Past

9Queen Elizabeth and Marilyn Monroe, 1956

While Queen Elizabeth is the Queen of England, actress Marilyn Monroe can easily be called as the Queen of Hollywood. It was quite a mesmerizing moment when the two 30-yr old beautiful ladies met each other at a premiere of a movie in October 1956.

Queen Elizabeth and Marilyn Monroe

Image Source: livejournal.com

10Arnold Schwarzenegger at the age of 16

The actor turned politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger is also known for bodybuilding and it is being said that he was passionate about it from a very young age. Here is a photo in which he is seen striking a pose showing his muscles in a bodybuilding competition in 1963 and at that time he was just 16 years old.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Image Source: www.diaforetiko.gr

11Princess Diana with AIDS patients

In the 1990s and before that, people used to avoid even shaking hands with AIDS patient thinking that they will catch the disease. However, on October 25th, 1991 Princess Diana destroyed such notions when she shook hands with AIDS patients in Casey House, An Aids Hospice, in Toronto, Canada.

Princess Diana with AIDS patients

Image Source: baomoi.com

12A truck owner trying to escape after a volcano erupts in 1990

The Mount Pinatubo volcano in Philippines erupted on 17th June 1990 and it bought a storm of dust with it. We can see clearly that a pickup truck driver is trying hard to save himself from the dust storm as well as from the other dangerous gases that must have got released after the eruption.

Truck owner trying to escape

Image Source: pinimg.com


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