We’ve Made a Collection of Rare Historical Photos to Show You the Amazing Side of Past

5The first international match at Wimbledon, 1883

Tennis is a very popular sport nowadays and many changes have come into the game since its inception. This photo is from the first international Wimbledon match which was played in 1883, can you even think of Roger and Federer playing in that era? Seems difficult isn’t it?

The first international match at Wimbledon

Image Source: funwithlol

6France tastes Coca-Cola in 1950

Coca-Cola has become an integral part of our lives as nowadays no party or event is complete without this soft drink but how do you think people would have reacted when it was served for the very first time. Here is a photo in which some men are watching with curiosity as Coca-Cola is being served in France in 1950.

France tastes Coca-Cola in 1950

Image Source: tumblr.com

7Human chess being played at St. Petersburg in Russia, 1924

Chess is not just an international sport; it has also become a favorite pastime for many of us. Some people are so obsessed with the game that they carry the chessboard and pieces, wherever they go but do you know how it was used to be played in earlier times. Humans were also used as pieces and instead of board, ground was used to make a chess board.

Human chess being played at St. Petersburg in Russia

Image Source: demotywatory.pl

8Prediction about Michael Jackson in 1985

Michael Jackson, the legendary musician and singer may not be with us but still he lives in our hearts and everything about him is special. MJ experimented with his looks a lot but if we go by Ebony magazine’s prediction, MJ should have looked like the photo published by the magazine. 1n 1985, Ebony magazine made a portrait claiming that MJ will look like this in 2000.

Prediction about Michael Jackson

Image Source: zadn.vn


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