We’ve Made a Collection of Rare Historical Photos to Show You the Amazing Side of Past

It is being said that change is the only constant thing in this world which means that the world will keep changing with every passing moment. The only way to capture this change is to keep taking photographs of different moments, event and occasions. By looking at those photos, a person will be able to see the changes that have taken place in due course of the time. There is no denying the fact a photo speaks more than the thousand words and what else can be a better way to relive the past. We have collected 16 Rare Historical Photos of the past which will give u a glimpse of the times when you were not even born:


1The greatest soccer player, Pelé while shooting for the movie, “Escape to Victory”

The movie, “Escape to Victory” which is also called as “Victory” got released in 1981 and at that time it made headlines because the cast included some football players including, Pelé as well. The movie was about the allied prisoners of war (POW) of World War II in the German prison who played a football match against a German team.

The greatest soccer player

Image Source: www.huelvainformacion.es


2A patient getting treatment by Schnee bath, 1910

This person is taking the Schnee four cell bath which was given to those patients who suffered from painful joints and rheumatic conditions. The patient is seated on a chair with his each limb getting bath in a different vessel. This treatment got its name from its inventor who belonged to Carlsbad, Czechoslovakia.

Patient getting treatment by Schnee bath

Image Source: www.worldlifestyle.com


3The girl of 1960s who went to school in a miniskirt

Fashion is a trend which keeps changing in every few years and in 1960s, dresses like miniskirt brought a revolution in the women fashion. The mindset of the people was changing and girls were slowly learning to be confident and wear dresses that they want to wear. The photo shows a girl walking confidently wearing a miniskirt to school in 1960s despite few men staring at her.

The girl of 1960s who went to school in a miniskirt


4Titanic before sinking

The British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic ocean, RMS Titanic was touted as a ship which can never sink. More than 1500 lost their lives which makes it one of the biggest disasters of the modern history. This photo is of same ship taken on 11th April 1912 before it sank in the early morning of 15, April 1912.

Titanic before sinking

Image Source: .scoopwhoop.com


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