Do you think your social media accounts are safe? Look at this video first

All of us, use social media and post many things, including pictures, status updates, plans and check-ins to let all of your friends know what an awesome life we are living. But what we unknowingly put on social media can be used against us in real life and we don’t mean in a good way. You must have heard people’s home getting robbed when they were on vacations and the reason is that they virtually advertise their vacation on social media with detailed plans, making it easy for anyone to take note and rob your house. A security company decided to see how easily people give their information to strangers and you will be shocked to see the results.


1 Social media and its effect on our lives

Social media has become a big part of everyone’s life. Everyone has multiple accounts on various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google Checkin and what not. People have become habitual of uploading many pictures of themselves doing silly, mundane things on the social media, putting every little detail about themselves on the net and then making it public for people to see and even use for their personal gain. An identity fraud company by the name of Cifas decided to find out how easy it was for someone to become a victim of identity theft, thanks to social media.

Social media and its effect on our lives

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2 The coffee shop prank and its results

The company conducted the experiment in a coffee shop in the United Kingdom. Whenever patrons came in for a cup of coffee, they were asked to fill up a questionnaire and like the coffee shop’s Facebook page using the coffee shop Wi-Fi and they were entitled to a free coffee and a pastry. Many patrons in the video below readily give out personal information to the shop and also like the Facebook page on their mobiles. But when the baristas come to them with their free coffees and pastry, they are shocked to see that their coffee cups have some really personal information about them, which they had certainly not given, and this bamboozles the patrons. What they didn’t see was that the security company had stationed their cyber experts in a van outside the shop and they were connected to the shop’s internet facility and when they liked the shop’s Facebook page using the shop’s Wi-Fi, they virtually surrendered all of their information to the experts.

This experiment tells us that we should be careful about what we share on the social media and not to give out personal information so easily and certainly not for a free coffee and a pastry.


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