10 Tips and tricks about clothes that can save your life someday

When we buy clothes or household personal items, we know that they will remain good, for only a certain number of years and after they start to go bad, you have to throw them away. Not many of us know much of tricks or hacks which can help in increasing the longevity of clothes and shoes, etc. But here are 10 hacks that will not only save your clothes and shoes, but will also give you ideas to enhance their life using things that you find in home. Such as recycling your old t shirts to make it into a t shirt blanket for bedding in the future.


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1 How to remove Red wine stains from cotton?

Cotton is a difficult fabric to clean, especially when you spill or drop some food item that has some bright color. For example, red wine, that stains so well that most people just throw stuff on which they spill red wine. But to remove red wine stains from cotton, all you need to do is put some club soda on the stain and dab it with paper towel to soak the soda and the stain will vanish.

How to remove Red wine stains from cotton?

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2 Wanna cover bleach stains?

Bleach stains on colored clothes can be very hard to hide. But in a genius way, you can use appropriately colored sharpie markers to hide the stain. This way you not only hide the stains, but also save the clothes from been thrown out.

cover bleach stains?

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3 Tip to try on pants without trial room

Found a great pair of jeans in the discount bin? Now you want to buy it, but need to check whether it fits on your waist or not. The only place you can do that is the trial room, which most of the times are full. Here is how you can check whether the jeans would fit you or not. Try and wrap the wrist band of the jeans around your neck and if the two ends do not button or meet each other comfortably, it means that the jeans is not the correct size.

how to try on pants without trial room

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4 Very good use of lemon juice

For people who sweat too much, pit stains can be very hard to remove. No matter which detergent or cleanser you use, your favorite shirt or white colored tee is ruined because of your bodily fluids. But you can save those shirts by applying some lemon juice on the pit stains and leaving them for 3-4 minutes and then washing the shirt. You will have no more stains and a lemony fresh shirt for you to wear.

uses of lemon juice

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5 Too many deodorant stains?

Wearing deodorants is a necessity for people who either sweat too much or do not bath regularly. But some fabrics also have the liking to these deodorants and spraying them on these fabrics means stains on your new shirt. If this happens, just use some baby wipes to clean the stains and your shirt will be spotless.

deodorant stains?

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6 Know what a little nail polish on buttons can do

Buttons on shirts will come loose as if this is their life goal. No matter how many times you sew them on, with regular use, the thread loosens and the buttons will come loose. In order to keep them in place, just coat the place where the thread goes with some clear nail polish and let it dry. This will keep those little suckers in place for a long time.

nail polish on buttons can do

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7 Remove lipstick stains (red ones especially)

Removing red lipstick stains from any fabric is a pain, no matter how it got there. In order to do so, you need to cover the stain with a liberal spray of hairspray and let it soak in for some moments. Then throw the fabric into the washer and the stains will be gone.

Remove lipstick stains

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8 Make your leather like new, by removing stains

Found some old leather shoes that miraculously fit you again, but they have stains on them and look bad. Do not worry, just use some soap and hot water and wipe the stains away. Then mix vinegar and water in 1:1 ratio and spray them on the shoes, wipe them nicely, put some conditioner on them and apply waterproof mixture on them.

removing leather stains

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9 Old shirts into new tops

Now girls, you must have lots of old tees lying around. A better way to use them is to take scissors to them and cut them into really cute and trendy tank tops.

Old shirts into new tops

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10 Bring back old leather shoes from dead

In order to keep your leather all new and shiny, do not spend much on the expensive polish, but instead, put some moisturizer on your leather shoes and they will shine like new ones.

Bring back old leather shoes from dead

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