Couple finds mystery suitcase during home renovation but freak out at what’s inside


The best part about owning an old house is the possibility of finding several surprises in secret rooms or sealed cupboards in basements and attics. Especially of the house is truly vintage from a Victorian age, the chances of finding something of value is quite high as this couple found out much to their astonishment.

While some families have been greeted with hauntings and ghosts, others have been showered with wealth. A Cleveland couple discovered a suitcase while remodelling their home and what was inside was just a prelude to an even more exciting discovery in the house. They were so overwhelmed and overjoyed to find the 65 year old treasure that they posted their one in a million find on Imgur.

1 What they found was astonishing

The couple posted their fantastic discovery on Imgur which was almost unbelievable due to the rarity and circumstances of the find. Their’s was a pre 1940 old style house badly in need of renovation. The couple decided on opting for extensive remodelling involving peeling back the false ceiling and remodelling walls.

Well!! When you begin a DIY of your own you’re bound to be covered in dust but when the ceiling was finally removed guess what they found.

box found while cleaning

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2 A heavy box resting against a pipe peeked at them from the torn ceiling

There resting against a pipe was an old dusty box. When they brought it down it seemed quite heavy. ‘I took the box outside and gathered the wife. It has something inside, but not heavy like coins or gold bars. Might get lucky though. Could be old sports cards,’ the husband recalled.

There was an old newspaper lining the bottom. It dated back to 1951 and made some interesting reading. But that wasn’t all;

vintage news paper

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3 Three packages wrapped in paper

There were three packages inside wrapped in paper. They concealed something and the husband never expected them to contain anything more than old sports cards as he felt earlier. He could never have been more wrong.

Three packages wrapped in paper

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4 Cleveland couple discovers suitcase to be a fantastic haul

Imagine the surprise of the couple when they found all three packages containing $20, $50 and $100 bills. There must have been quite a bit of squealing and gasps of delight. After all who wouldn’t be when finding money in an old home?

Cleveland couple discovers suitcase

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5 Some were rare notes

Some of the bills turned out to be rare notes which obviously enhanced their face value. The bills were all dated between 1928 and 1934. Some had gold certificates displayed. It was then that they decided to find out how much the bills would be worth. On face value it was worth $23,000. But there was even more in store.

Some were rare notes

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6 A second discovery after a week

When this Cleveland couple discovered a suitcase, little did they realise there was more in store. After a week, they again found another box and this time they must have been freaked out. Being blessed with one discovery is awesome, finding a second one would make anyone jump through the roof in happiness.

 couple discovered a suitcase,

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7 Filled with cash again!

They knew there was cash inside as they could notice bills from a small vent in the box. But when they opened it, that’s when they hit the jackpot. The BOX WAS STUFFED with bills. This was heavier than the first box and was definitely a larger amount.

Another suitcase full of notes

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8 A second treasure

The second box was full of twenty dollar bills. Here too were rare notes dating back to the same period.This truly is one lucky couple. Here was a second treasure haul in a span of a week. How lucky can you get? They decided to find out if they could keep the money.

second box was full of twenty dollar bills

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9 A well deserved amount just in time to pay for renovation

The couple’s total haul was $45,000. When they sought clarification from their estate dealer if they were legally entitled to keep the find, he replied in the affirmative much to their joy. They plan to use the money for repairs on their home. Good for them.

The total amout is $45,000

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