Couple finds mystery suitcase during home renovation but freak out at what’s inside

The best part about owning an old house is the possibility of finding several surprises in secret rooms or sealed cupboards in basements and attics. Especially of the house is truly vintage from a Victorian age, the chances of finding something of value is quite high as this couple found out much to their astonishment.

While some families have been greeted with hauntings and ghosts, others have been showered with wealth. A Cleveland couple discovered a suitcase while remodelling their home and what was inside was just a prelude to an even more exciting discovery in the house. They were so overwhelmed and overjoyed to find the 65 year old treasure that they posted their one in a million find on Imgur.

1 What they found was astonishing

The couple posted their fantastic discovery on Imgur which was almost unbelievable due to the rarity and circumstances of the find. Their’s was a pre 1940 old style house badly in need of renovation. The couple decided on opting for extensive remodelling involving peeling back the false ceiling and remodelling walls.

Well!! When you begin a DIY of your own you’re bound to be covered in dust but when the ceiling was finally removed guess what they found.

box found while cleaning

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