Choose A Doorway That Terrifies You The Most to Unlock Your Personality And The Treasure You Desire

6The Rabbit hole

If the Rabbit hole is enough to scare you it means you are the type of person who is comfortable with only familiar things. You are not sure what y9ou want in life and the underground hole signifies the desire to unearth the part of yourself which you are unsure about.

What you seek is the meaning of life. But to do this you need to be like Alice in Wonderland and indulge in some curious behavior where tumbling down the rabbit hole you may encounter alien things but you get closer to happiness. If you need self-motivation, then write these words on a piece of paper “What is my true purpose in life?” Write down the next thing that comes to mind. Keep repeating the exercise till you find what suits you best.

The Rabbit hole

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7Descending stairs

Fearing a flight of mysterious descending stairs could mean you hunger fr life and enjoy its fruits but you may sometimes overindulge yourself. Walking down a descending flight of stairs signifies being buried where fallen leaves symbolize a new phase in life like a new season. You are also afraid of death and the thought of what comes after.


The treasure you seek is good health so that you can live for a very long time. To achieve this just make a few changes in your lifestyle like exercise, a healthy diet of vegetables and methods of de-stressing yourself. This will help you appreciate and value life as it is.

Descending stairs

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If this dark dungeon with its metal gate and blue stones frightened you, it means you are stable. The blue color represents the sky and sea that is left behind after entering the dark unknown. You are productive and accomplished and take pride in yourself.

The moss, however, symbolizes the lengthy time in a cold secluded space and the door leads to a prison where you never want to end up. You have strict moral and ethical values well in place which may be too difficult to live upto.

You desire comfort and security that allows you to be a calmer person who can unwind and be flexible once in a while. In this way, you won’t snap or fall into depression or even act in a way that you may regret which might put you in a place where you wouldn’t like to be. Sometimes, just learn to relax by letting your hair down or kicking off your shoes.


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