Choose A Doorway That Terrifies You The Most to Unlock Your Personality And The Treasure You Desire

3Abandoned building

This means you are strong analytical and very intelligent. You live your life according to values but your high standards make you expect others to do the same. The bricks are symbolic of the emotional and spiritual walls you have built around yourself but!! Your nature may make it difficult for others to open up to you. The crumbling bricks and wall plaster, however, reveal that you secretly desire to break off these walls you have built around yourself.

The treasure you deeply desire is to connect or relate to someone on a deeper level but not a necessarily an intellectual one but rather an emotional one. Once you achieve that high level of emotional understanding with a likeminded person, you will feel complete.

Abandoned building

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4Abandoned wood cabin

If this looks like a nightmare to you, then it means for you it is early one of your worst fears. You are a homely person ready to love others because you have immense love to give. You are generous as you are bold and love to protect your family and friends and you will provide for their every need. This crumbling house is the exact opposite of that emotion because it symbolizes failure to achieve a happy home. You fear entering it because the desolate and unhappy atmosphere inside may break your heart and sadden you deeply.


What you seek is wealth because you feel that with wealth you can provide for the material needs of the people you love. However, you have to work had to achieve wealth and save your money. Rather than only focus on wealth, concentrate also on the emotional aspects of relationships with your loved ones. They will be even more appreciative of that.

Abandoned wood cabin

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5Dark well

It’s eerie and terrifying to look down into a deep well with no end in sight. Falling into a well or being stuck inside is and even worse nightmare especially if no one hears your cries for help. While there are some people who would love being a dark sinister spot all alone by themselves, others like you will be too horrified to do so.

Being terrified of a well means your treasure is an adventurous life that you desire. You want to explore the world and enjoy life but something is holding you back much like the scary thought of what’s down there in the well. If you find yourself stifled and tied down, then go for a vacation or travel the countryside. It’s ok to act upon whims once in a while. In this way, you will be a happier person.

Dark well

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