Choose A Doorway That Terrifies You The Most to Unlock Your Personality And The Treasure You Desire

Joseph Campbell the American writer, lecturer and mythologist said: “The cave are afraid to enter contains the treasure you’re looking for”. Campbell’s curiosity about the many factors surrounding human existence was fuelled by his own living philosophy which was “find you bliss”. It also meant that you should realize your fears, confront them and only then can you find the rewards that await you. However, the biggest problem with human nature is the fear of treading into deep waters even when it involves one’s own passions.

According to Clifford Lazarus a psychologist and clinical director of The Lazarus Institute, human fears only create obstacles and barriers that prevent us from moving ahead in life. It also stops us from feeling good about ourselves. The only way to remove a fear is to confront it by exposing ourselves to it. This quiz asks you to choose a gateway that scares you most. It reveals what your fear means and what you desire most from life. So go ahead and choose which door you fear the most and let it reveal your personality and the treasure you seek.

1The ice cave

You yearn for emotional warmth and security and treasure your own values but expect that others will think in the same way as you. You are also terrified of things like unhappiness, loneliness, and frustration. Fearing this cave is also a positive factor because you have reached a good point in your life where you have seemed to found the real person you are confident of knowing that there is nothing wrong with you and you know what makes you happy.

The treasure that you seek is love. As a single person, your own self-harmony puts you in a good condition to enjoy and value a romantic relationship because you are bound to attract like-minded people. As a happy person, you are looking for a relationship to make you even happier. Even if you are in a relationship, you could be searching for love form family, friends and from your partner and saying this, it could also be a nice idea to go to a shelter and find a little cute furball too.

The ice cave

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2Murky tunnel

A murky tunnel like this looks like an abandoned underground tube station but it’s enough to give anyone the jitters. It also signifies that you should be embarking on a spiritual journey. The murky water seen at the entrance of the tunnel is symbolic of your own thoughts and mental state that could be clouded and unclear. It needs cleansing which is why the tunnel is suggestive not as an entrance to something restrictive but an opening or outlet instead. Muddy water is suggestive of the heavy problems in life at this point of time.

Choosing this entrance means you are looking for some self-confidence to find out what you truly feel. You need a verbal outlet to express your feelings which can only sort out your problems and that’s what you find difficult to do. However, bear in mind that such a thought process may do some good and it will drive you to a positive outcome. As they say, there is always light at the end of a tunnel.

Murky tunnel

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