Fascinating story of a Chinese man who lived till 256 years. Find out his secret to longevity

Meet Li Ching Yuen, the Chinese man who lived till the time he was 256 years old. Whether true or false, there is definitely truth in the fact that the old Chinese man had lived an extremely long life. Having spent most of his time living in the mountains, breathing fresh non-polluted air, attaining a good knowledge of plant herbology and eating healthy, you can’t really doubt the fact that he was speaking the truth.


Li died in 1933, but this man still manages to fascinate science as one of the world’s oldest living men because even if there is a dispute over his age, in whether he was 256 years old or 197, the fact that he lived this much, creates too much curiosity. So, who really cares about the dispute? Does anyone actually live till 197?

1 Li Travelled Across Mountains and Provinces Collecting Herbs

Li Ching Yuen was born in 1733, but disputed records proved he was born in 1677. His actual date of the birth was never confirmed nor contested even as many gerontologists claimed it was not possible but what proof was there that he wasn’t speaking the truth about his long and healthy life.


The man was born in Sichuan province during the Quing dynasty. He was an avid traveler and traveled to Tibet, Manchuria, Vietnam, Thailand, Kansu and Shanxi provinces in China. He was well-versed in martial arts and educated himself during his travels on the subject of herbology, collecting herbs wherever he went.

Li Ching Yuen

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2 Many of His Herbs Are Well-Known As Herbal Remedies for Longevity

Li also sold herbs for a living and this itself could bear testimony to his longevity as the items which he sold were on record as Ginseng, Lingzhi, Gogi berry, He Shou Wu and Gotu Kola, which according to research studies eliminated tumors and were well-known as herbal remedies for psoriasis, nerve problems and premature ageing.

Gogi berry has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for the past 6000 years. Even celebs like Miranda Kerr and Madonna swear by its rejuvenating properties. Ginseng needs no introduction as an anti-ageing and rejuvenating agent.

Gogi berry

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3 Generals and Warlords Were Fascinated By Li

Li’s occupation as a herbalist continued for a century till he moved to Kai Xian. In 1749 he was given the post of a military tactical adviser and martial arts teacher under the Army of Commander In-Chief Yeuh Jong Chi of the provincial army.


The picture below was taken by another General, Yang Sen of the National Revolutionary Army in 1927, who invited Li to his home. Records also state that the great Chinese warlord Wu Peifu invited Li to his house to learn his great secret of longevity.

In fact it was Yang Sen who gave a recorded account of his meeting with Li saying that the man was seven feet tall, had perfect eyesight and a brisk strong walk. The report by Yang Sen was titled “a factual account of the 250 year old good luck man.” So the story can’t really be refuted can it?

The picture below was taken by another general Yang Sen

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4 His life created too much curiosity!

It was Professor Wu Cheng of Chengdu University who claimed that Li was actually born in 1677. He wasn’t entirely wrong because he actually discovered old imperial records dating back to 1827 when Li was congratulated on his 150th birthday and if that wasn’t enough, a second set of records show him being congratulated in 1877 when he turned 200. Isn’t that amazing??? Li had been married 24 times as all his wives died before him.


Li generated worldwide curiosity so much so, that a New York Times feature investigated his remarkable story and found out from locals that their grandfathers remember Li when they themselves were little boys. Li generated a lot of curiosity and gerontological researchers refuted his claims stating that it was Li’s spiritual and religious beliefs that made him believe he was 256 years old and that it wasn’t possible. Or was it?

As a man who lived till 256 years

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5 Li’s Amazing Secret of Longevity Revealed

It was one of Li’s disciples, a martial artist master and exponent of Tai Chi Chuan, who revealed his secret. He mentioned that when Li was 130 years old he met a 500 year old hermit in a cave who taught him the secret practice of Bagua Zhang which is one of the 3 main martial art practices of the Wudang School. It also means the 8 trigram palm pertaining to the Chinese Taoist doctrine of the I Ch’ing. Li was also taught the art of Qui Gong, a related branch of martial art as well as several breathing techniques and training movements that were meant to be performed with certain sounds.

Li practiced this everyday without fail along with the prescribed nutrition and it was this which Li revealed was the secret to his longevity.

Li’s Amazing Secret of Longevity Revealed

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6 The Words of a Wise Man Reveal a Lot of Truth

When Li Ching Yuen died in 1933, an article attributed to him, appeared in the May 15th issue of Time magazine of 1933. It was titled “tortoise –pigeon-dog” and it stated his recommendations for a long life.

“Keep a quiet heart sit like a tortoise”
“Walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog”

As a man who lived till 256, Li’s words hide a lot of truth. Research proves that a healthy dose of sleep keeps diseases at bay and contributes to a longer life. Li’s secret simple. Eat healthy, sleep well, exercise and practice breathing during meditation.

When Li Ching Yuen died in 1933

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