Pollution troubled China has come up with a brilliant idea to tackle pollution. Find out what it is?

Pollution is one of the biggest problems that are threatening the mankind in today’s times. It is not only man-made, but is also making it difficult for humans to live a healthy life in almost every country of this planet Earth. While many attribute this to deforestation on massive scale and rise of industries in the world, one country has taken a massive step in order to reduce pollution in its home and that city is China. It has been regularly rated as the most polluted country in the world and now it has undertaken a massive innovative step in order to curb the pollution in cities. Check out the innovative idea that needs to be implemented in every city of the world.

1 Pollution in China

Pollution in China

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China is the leader in air pollution in the world and most of its cities rank in the most polluted places on the planet. Massive urbanization and some well earned economic growth have led to increase in the number of vehicles in the major cities of China. The fumes and smoke from these vehicles contain carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen gases which are extremely dangerous to humans, animals and environment alike. The second reason of massive pollution in China is the coal powered plants those emit more pollutants and smoke containing poisonous components like Mercury, Sulfur Dioxide, and Volatile Organic Compounds.


These factories also discard lead and other similarly harming compounds into rivers as byproducts polluting not just the air, but also the water of their country. All this contribute to the environment pollution which has become poisonous to live in and breathe in. To counter all this, China has come up with a brilliant solution, which you can read in the next slide.

Pollution in China

Image Source: www.environment-assured.com

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