10 Characteristics of Virulent Parents That Cause Harm To Their Children Unintentionally

Parenting is a debatable topic and everyone receives innumerable tips and guide on how to raise one’s child. Children are highly inspired by their parents and parents need to behave positively around their children to set a good example.


However, if a parent starts bringing negativity into their lives, it starts affecting their children, emotionally and their self-esteem is brought down. Therefore, here is more information about what makes parent toxic parents and 10 characteristics about such parents that help identify them.

1What is a toxic parent?

Toxic parent is someone whose negative behavior affects the upbringing of their children. This behavior more often than not affects the emotional damage to their offspring. Toxicity in parenting isn’t a mental illness, but a toxic parent may be suffering from some mental trauma, which leads to them behaving negatively.

What is a toxic parent

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2Signs of a toxic parent-1

Some of the signs of a toxic parent are too obvious to ignore. One of the most common sign is undermining their children’s achievements. The child might say, “Look! I got an A- on my math test!” A toxic parent might respond with, “Well, why didn’t you get an A+?”

Another common sign is that parents demand attention from their children and expect them to take care of parents, instead of the other way around. Most children are not prepared to deal with the liability of their parent’s contentment, nor should they be.

Signs of a toxic parent

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3Signs of Toxic parent -2

Toxic parents are extremely selfish. Their ego is bigger than their children’s happiness and this causes severe trauma to their child’s emotions. A toxic parent doesn’t care about how their child feels, they care about how they feel.

Signs of Toxic parenting

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4 “Keeping loving me, but also be afraid of me”

An emotional attack becomes synonymous with love and attention for toxic parents. In such households, the children begin to recognize their parent’s moods and behave according to that mood. Such children live in unvarying fear and nervousness. Every footstep of their parents may send shivers through their spine. Parents may claim, “I’ve done everything for you and you’re still so ungrateful.”

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5 “You don’t have rights, but deal with adults problems”

In toxic families, often the parents forcibly share their duties and responsibilities with children, who are not mature enough to take care of them. Children are dragged into adult problems and they have no idea or experience to provide a solution. They are expected to adjust according to their parent’s whims, but when it comes to parents doing the same for them, they have no rights.

Dealing with adults problem

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