The Chaos of rush hour and what it looks like in different countries around the World


Rush Hour will always conjure up images of a sea of people making their way down the street or in some countries the image of people hanging on buses and riding atop trains. In every country, the nature of rush hour is different and it would be interesting to see some of them. This is what rush hour in different countries look like.

1 Beijing, China

Come 6 pm and rush hour in Beijing China will look like this on the highway but god forbid you’re taking the subway, you may have to fight a literal battle with your elbows to get in for a ride home. The subway at rush hour is just a massive ocean of people surging back and forth.

Longest traffic jam in Beijing, China

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2 Dhaka, Bangladesh

This is what a train ride looks like during Bangladesh’s biggest religious festival the ijtema. There is a shortage of transport between the religious destinations and hence everyone loves clambering up on the roof of a train.

Ijtema festival Bangladesh

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3 Venice, Italy

Come rush hour in Venice and you can forget about those romantic notions of gondolas gliding lazily across the canals because everything is packed. From Gondolas to the public transport waterway system of motorized boats called Vaporetto. It would be difficult to get a seat.

Gondolas Venice, Italy

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4 Train attendants at work in Tokyo, Japan

Being the polite country that it is Japan has special train attendants who help pack and shove people into the crowded trains which are a major part of the public transit system.

Train attendants at work in Tokyo, Japan

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5 Siem Reap, Cambodia

Seeing this picture, it isn’t hard to guess how people in Cambodia prefer traveling. Obviously, they seem to be waiting at a level crossing waiting for a train to pass. Good sense there.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

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6 London, Great Britain

Trust London’s tube to reflect the chaos of rush hour. What else is there to travel by when everything is packed in a bid to run home?

Rush hour in London, Great Britain

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7 Moscow, Russia

The sea of cars will tell you the time in Russia. Rush hour!! Not much of public transport in sight as all one can see are hundreds of cars cruising down the road. However, if I’m not wrong, the image doesn’t really reflect a traffic jam and the image gives one the appearance of cars smoothly rolling along.

 Rush hour Moscow, Russia

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8 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Where rush hour in different countries is concerned, Brazil isn’t far behind in the reign of chaos. In fact chaos reigns in the subway in Brazil too at rush hour. What seems to make this worse is the fact that this appears to be a one-way rail route and hence the carriage has doors opens on both sides leading to an onslaught of commuters.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

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9 Taxi park in Kampala, Uganda

Now, this is truly a maze of cars among countries during rush hour. How exactly does one get out of that car park with no free route in sight?

Taxi park in Kampala, Uganda

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10 Palermo, Italy

Trust the Italians to make most of their rush hour. This is a traffic jam no doubt but one inspiring commuter prefers to make use of it with a little soccer practice.

soccer practice in traffic jam Palermo, Italy

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11 India, Mumbai

In Mumbai rush hour and trains go hand in hand. Almost every commuter in Mumbai prefers traveling in train because the city is so spread out that domestic areas and commercials areas end up being very far from each other, hence a train is necessary but then this is what happens during rush hour in different countries.

Traveling by local train in India, Mumbai

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