Men indulging in catcalling get a rude shock when they recognize their victim’s identity

One of the worst diseases of society is eve teasing and insulting women in public. Disrespecting women is cowardice in its highest form and is derogatory to motherhood because what those who indulge in such acts aren’t aware of is the fact that while you insult a woman, someone else may be insulting your mother too.


A television show decided to conduct a social catcall experiment in Peru involving two men who were serial catcallers. The moat amazing aspect of their experiment which sought to teach them a lesson involved two women who were none other than the men’s mothers. That sounds cool actually.

1 The men as usual were up to their tricks

This was definitely a unique viral experiment that would curb sexual harassment. Both Moms of the two boys were made to undergo make up which would make them unrecognizable. They would then be taken to the areas frequented by their sons who indulged in perennial eve teasing and catcalling. The moms would get a firsthand experience of their son’s deplorable behavior.


Hidden cameras were put in place to record the entire event. When the two women are seen walking down the street they were seen by the men who as usual began their shameful behavior. They had no idea they were as actually insulting their moms. Can you imagine what happened next?

The men as usual were up to their tricks

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2 And then a huge shock

One man went as far as making lewd comments and calling his mom “piggy’’. Another can be heard on the video shouting ‘tasty panties”. The Moms were obviously shocked. They stop immediately and then take off their wigs. When their identities were revealed, the men were shocked. Even though they try to backtrack their comments, it was too late because the initial damage was done.

Whether such an incident will make such scum of the earth cease their behavior or not is left up to their own sense of depravity or humanity. But what remains is the message of the catcall experiment in Peru. Don’t degrade women because you degrade someone’s mother. Watch the video of the entire incident.


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