If you care about the Environment, then here is why you should boycott Palm Oil now

Palm oil is being used extensively in almost every package food. Confectionaries, cookies, chocolates, chips, milk and even cosmetics. Believe it or not, Palm oil is used to make soaps more creamy and lathery. Even toothpastes contain palm oil. The name itself sounds natural and not a threat to health but what you may not know is that extensive cultivation of palm oil makes the crop one of the most damaging agents to the environment.


Palm oil crops damage rain forests around the world and yet its use is in huge demand. It serves a cheap alternative to coconut and peanut oil in countries like Myanmar and Indonesia where it is being used as bio fuel too. You need to boycott palm oil immediately.

1 Massive environmental devastation

Palm oil crops grow in tropical countries and utilize huge amounts of water. Native to South America and West Africa, palm oil cultivation has even spread to countries like papa and New Guinea, Kenya and Southeast Asia. In Indonesia alone palm oil accounts for 11% of the country’s earnings through export. Unfortunately Palm oil takes a heavy toll on the ecology and extracts a huge price form the environment.


Eco systems of Malaysia and Indonesia are currently at the greatest risk because of both countries’ extensive use of palm oil. According to studies by UN Environment programs along with Princeton University US, Palm oil plantations have caused vast destruction to rain forests and are now endangering the natural habitat of orangutans in Malaysia.

Massive environmental devastation

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2 Wildlife populations are declining due to Palm oil cultivation

60% of palm oil manufacture is sourced from rain forests. Besides environmental damage, rampant cultivation has even sparked off violent conflicts among local population vying for rights to areas of cultivation. Palm oil companies are unscrupulously clearing forested area rather than degraded ones for setting up plantations. This is what displaces local fauna in the area. Animals are being buried alive, killed by knives machetes and guns.

Orangutans especially are the most affected as they are being repeatedly considered as pests in the area by such palm oil companies.50,000 orangutans have been killed in the last 20 years because of palm oil cultivation. Populations of endangered species like the Sumatran Tiger, Rhinoceros, Sun Bear, Pygmy Elephant, Clouded Leopard and Proboscis monkeys have all declined due to encroachment of the natural habitat by Palm oil companies. Such reasons make it right to ask people to Boycott palm oil.

palm oil manufacture units

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3 Say No to palm Oil

For every Palm oil plantation, the amount of forest cleared will match the size of three football fields. Such rampant deforestation is pushing several species off both Flora and Fauna on the brink of extinction. A clever ploy is now being adopted with labels imprinted on red palm oil bottles saying that no orangutan habitat was damaged in manufacturing of the product. Could this claim be actually possible? Are these products actually safe and presser vying the environment as claimed?

Even the voluntary guidelines adopted during the 2004 roundtable on sustainable Palm oil are eyewash. Guidelines dictate ways and means to cultivate the product without causing any impact on land rights and environmental destruction. However those guidelines are regularly flouted. Forest continue to be destroyed, wildlife killed mercilessly and local tribes and villagers thrown in jail all because of protest of land seizures by companies raking in the moolah for governments. Its time you boycotted palm oil and SAY NO TO ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION.

Say No to palm Oil

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