Canadian sniper break’s world record killing ISIS Militant 2.2 miles away


A remarkable world record has just been made in the war zone of Syria. A Canadian sniper successfully hit his target, an ISIS militant 3,540 meters away, can you believe that? The confirmed kill means that the Canadian sniper has broken the world record for the longest confirmed kill. By putting down the militant, the sniper disrupted a dangerous operation.

For security reasons, the name of the sniper has been withheld. Although it wasn’t sure where exactly the shot was taken, it was presumably at a war zone in Iraq. The sniper was part of Canada’s Special Forces division, Joint task force 2 who usually participates in some of the most dangerous military operations.

1 The world record sniper feat was confirmed b y the Canadian army

The news of the sniper breaking a world record was confirmed with a statement from the Canadian armed forces who wrote “The Canadian Special Operations Command can confirm that a member of the Joint Task Force 2 successfully hit a target from 3,540 metres [2.2 miles].”

The sniper world record was held earlier by a British sniper Craig Harrison who in 2009 shot a Taliban fighter from 2,475 meters away. Earlier records were held by members of the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian light Infantry.

The world record sniper

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2 The amazing weapon used for the shot is the world’s longest

The sniper who broke the world record used a McMillian TAC-50 which is a long shot .50 caliber rifle, the usual standard issue for snipers weapons. It is also the longest firearm in the world. The bullet used was a Hornady A-Max.50 which exerts a 13,000 foot pound force on firing. It is the accurate efficiency of the Aerodynamics that makes log shots possible. Even after the speed of the bullet drops below the speed of sound, it remains stable.

Most experts agree that the feat is an enormous one because after 2 miles a sniper would have to consider factors such as wind velocity, temperature, humidity barometric pressure including the earth’s rotation and the latitude in which the shot was performed.

McMillian TAC-50

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3 The spotter is equally important

But!! What most people don’t know is that a sniper doesn’t work alone. He needs a spotter whose work is equally important. The role of the spotter is to analyze and pass on information to the sniper. Information and data such as atmospheric conditions and when it would be favorable to take a shot all depends on the experience and expertise of a spotter.

The spotter is equally important

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4 The feat was virtually impossible

What is most incredible is the fact that the firing range of the rifle is just 1800 metres, yet the sniper who broke the world record used it to its maximum effect to travel up to a whopping 3,540 metres which is double the capacity of the rifle. The bullet travelling at 792 mph took 10 seconds to reach its target. The speed is faster than a commercial Boeing 747.

The feat was virtually impossible

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