Can you spot a major mistake in this picture of a house? Look closely and solve the mystery!!

Internet is full of viral pictures and stories. But some pictures shared by people from time to time are really intriguing and have something very special hidden in them. It may be anything related to the photo or the person in the photo or something odd about the object in the picture.

Here is one such picture put up by a man of a house and something is truly a miss with this photo. Something has caught the eye of the internet population and let’s see if you can find the interesting thing in the photo.

1 The intriguing Image

This image was uploaded on the popular content sharing board Reddit by a user who spotted this house on his way through South Carolina. This image has been the point of interest for the internet for some days now. The user who shared this picture uses the screen name of Liquidthc and he labeled the pic as ‘They had one job’.

Can you spot what is wrong with the picture? If yes, leave the answer in the comment box below or else click on the next slide. Well, let us give you a clue at least. Something is really wrong in the architectural design of the house.

The intriguing Image

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