An amazing camper that becomes a boat for sightseeing on land and water

For all those outdoor enthusiasts who just love spending time in the great big outdoors and in the wilds, camping is about to be even more fun that you expected. In the US, outdoor camping is a major past time, where camper vans are in huge demand. With camper vans substituting as accommodation for many, what would you say to the latest invention called the sealander? An amazing amphibious camper that becomes a boat on water.

It’s crazy when you think the world of adventure and excitement you can have, with such the sealander at your disposal. Not only can you enjoy the best of wilderness and national parks, you can also take a ride down the banks of a river too or even ride across a lake.

1 Perfect for a day of fishing

The sealander is perfect for outdoor fans wanting a home right there on the lake to enjoy a spot of fishing while also enjoying the comforts of their camper. The portable camper attaches to a car and also turns into a boat. It floats and navigates water with a portable propeller that launches it on the water surface.

Don’t be fooled by the tiny size of this little baby. Although small in looks, and made for a couple, there is space enough for cooking, sleeping, relaxing and enjoying a great day, sightseeing both on land and water.

The sealander is perfect for outdoor

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