19 Calming and Stress-Relieving Photos That Will Soothe You Better Than Any Psychologist

Did you know that you can actually get stress relief from looking at perfect pictures and photographs? Photos and images in perfect matching color, a combination of pleasing shades that appear as visual candy for the eye, geometrical designs and the like can induce an orgasmic feeling even on your skin. If you have ever heard of ASMR or Autonomous sensory meridian response, it is a tingly feeling of immense pleasure when hearing certain sounds or looking at certain actions like crinkling paper or someone drawing invisible designs on your hands. The same feeling of pleasure can be induced by looking at pleasing images which can then relieve stress. This compilation of photos is perfect for those who want to relax after a day’s stress. So take a look at these 19 pictures to calm your mind.


1 Drink bottles

These soft drink bottles are stacked with such perfect precision and into a symmetrical shape that just looking at it makes you feel good. Even the colors are placed in perfect matching order without any bottle being an odd one out.

Drink bottles

Image Source: btwinmylife.com


2Sydney Opera House in the Fog

The Sydney Opera House makes a nice picture postcard scene on any given day but this photograph has something more to it. Taken on a foggy day, it gives the scene a magical and ethereal touch.

Sydney Opera House in the Fog

Image Source: redd.it


3Perfect merging

Now, this photograph is truly magic. The shades of blue and the accurate angle to acquire a perfect geometrical alignment are exemplary. What enhances the photo is the woman with her flowing blue dress that matches the structure above.

Perfect merging

Image Source: pinimg.com


4Picture taken from a flight

Almost every flier has taken a photograph from their window on a flight but this one seems truly special. Taken above the clouds, the color spectrum like a rainbow splash is clearly visible and makes a de-stressing picture.

Picture taken from a flight

Image Source: redditmedia.com


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