Fed up with rude customers, Cafe worker puts up sign that changes customer’s behavior

Displaying manners and a sense of politeness isn’t just displaying behavior for the moment. It is a huge reflection of your character and the manner in which you have brought up. Kindness and a smile doesn’t cost a thing yet how often have you ever thought of smiling at a counter salesman when you order your coffee?


If you want others to treat you right, then you’ve got to do the same because what you dish out ultimately returns back to you. A young coffee salesman fed with customers treating him badly decided to fight back in the most innovative and unique way possible. He put up a sign for rude coffee charges and you’ll be surprised at the reaction.

1 Café workers are human too

Most People take fast food sales personnel and cafe counter services for granted. It isn’t a robot standing behind that counter but a human being made from flesh and blood very much like yours. So what if he is being paid, you too works for someone don’t forget. He has his feelings and emotions too.


Unfortunately though, the world doesn’t really think this way anymore and most people will behave in a manner unbecoming of themselves as human beings. While you may get that rude salesman once in a while but not all are alike and it doesn’t hurt to say please when ordering a coffee. Austin Simms from Ranoake, Virginia suddenly felt he could take it no more.

rude customer

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2 The creative rude coffee charges sign

Austin Simms works at a Cups Coffee and Tea cafe in Roanoke Virginia. Austin along with his co workers were totally fed up of the dirge of rude customers. The struggle with unruly or ill mannered patrons was taking a huge toll on the emotional state of those working at the cafe. It was then that Austin decided to take a stand. He made a sign that would ultimately go viral and come to be known as rude coffee charges. This is what he put up outside the store:

  • One Small Coffee $5
  • One Small Coffee Please $3
  • Hello, I’d like One Small Coffee Please $1.75
The creative rude coffee charges sign

Image Source: www.davidwolfe.com


3 You can smile and do your bit to make the world a better place

Now isn’t that amazing? According to Austin his sign is his way of “Wanting to solve all the injustices in the world.” Rather than retaliate in the same rude manner,. Austin used his creativity to make the rude coffee charges sign and it actually worked.

Not only did Austin’s rude coffee charges sign gain popularity among customers who understood his message, the sign went viral. Within two days he found his sign as a picture in a daily newspaper in England and within a week, photographers crowded the shop. His ruse worked and because of him if not the world, at least his coffee shop is a better place. But you need to start small right? Watch the video of this story




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