Buried alive but survived – People who have been there, done that!

Being buried alive is one fear that has struck every mind on earth at one point of time. While the fear of death is all-permeating, the fear of dying simply because of being buried alive is worse. There are many recorded incidents of death due to pre-mature burials or being buried alive. Read on to know about these people who were buried alive but managed to survive the ordeal. These stories inspire awe and fear at the same time.


1 Philomele Jonetre

This is one story that could make you believe in coming back from death.

Philomele Jonetre was a young lady from France who was afflicted with cholera and pronounced dead by the local clergyman. This occurred in the year 1867. After the burial rites were completed and the attendants went home, the gravediggers heard a light knocking sound from under her grave. After it was dug open, a physician confirmed that Philomele was indeed alive. However, she succumbed to the disease a day later.

Philomele Jonetre

Image Source: www.imgur.com

2 The Tian Dong County Baby

This story of being buried alive is fresh from May 2015. A woman from southern China heard a baby’s cries when she was in a cemetery. Informing the local authorities at once, she got them to dig around and they found a baby buried inside. Later investigations revealed that the child’s grandparents hired a hit man to kill the child since he was not physically appealing. The child was born with a cleft lip!

The Tian Dong County Baby

Image Source: www.visiontimes.com

The child had been buried alive and managed to survive underground for eight whole days.


3 Natalya Pasternak

Natalya Pasternak was attacked by a bear as she went for some work in the woods of Siberia. Surprisingly, this bear thought of preserving an unconscious Pasternak for consumption later, in a grave. Despite being buried alive, Pasternak was lucky that few hunters came around later and managed to take her out from the grave.

Natalya Pasternak

Image Source: www.clashdaily.com


4 Essie Dunbar

In the year 1915, one Essie Dunbar from South Carolina was buried after she passed away from an epileptic attack. Her sister lived outside town and took time to arrive at the funeral. After much request, the clergyman decided to show Dunbar’s sister her coffin one last time. However, much to the shock of those around, Essie Dunbar woke up and tried convincing everyone that she was indeed alive. Therefore, this lady was literally back from being buried alive and went on to live till 1962.

Essie Dunbar

Image Source: www.aolcdn.com


5 A Man From Ferraz De Vasconcelos

A lady was shocked to find somebody trying to emerge out of his own grave in a suburb of Sao Paulo. After local authorities intervened and the man was rescued, it was revealed he was a local worker and perhaps got buried alive after a fight with a gang who had thought they beat him up till he was dead.

A Man From Ferraz De Vasconcelos

Image Source: www.independent.co.uk


6 The Dongdong Baby Girl

A newborn baby was buried alive by her mother in the Chinese province of Dongdong. She did so thinking that the baby was stillborn. The father tried to seek medical help from the hospital in town and it was revealed that the baby actually had critical signs. Massive donations flowed in for helping treat the infant who was later declared safe.

The Dongdong Baby Girl

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


7 Mike Meaney

Meaney is perhaps one of those rare individuals who took the risk of being buried alive upon himself willingly. This had been a stunt and was much talked about in its time. Meaney was buried alive and the coffin had a small hole to facilitate breathing. His friends also helped him survive by ending down liquids. This feat lasted 61 days but unfortunately, the Guinness Book Of World Records did not acknowledge this stunt as it does not support life threatening activities.

Mike Meaney

Image Source: www.thejournal.ie

Shocking as these tales might be, more shocking are few stories of survival of people despite being buried alive.


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