Bruce Lee Had Achieved All of his life goals before he died at the age of 32, because of these Principles

3 The basic principles of Bruce Lee’s life

Do what you are passionate about

In the letter, Bruce Lee has stated that he was not going to do any of it just for “the sole objective of making money.” Instead, he would do it because he was passionate about it all.

When we do something we are passionate about, we feel alive doing it for 365 days a year. Apart from giving us that feeling of coming alive, we feel that a great purpose of our life is being fulfilled, and it is this feeling that satisfies us the most.

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Know The Reason Why You want to do something

When we know why is it that we want to achieve our goals, then we get the strength to endure almost anything in our journey. It was clear that money was not the sole objective behind his goals; in fact he laid out several other reasons, which were the motivating factors in his life. He wanted to do it all because of his passion for martial arts, his desire to improve the life standards of his family and to help other people. He had a deep calling that he wanted to share a part of himself with the world.

There is a power within us which is greater than circumstances

Bruce Lee had called this power the “spiritual force” within him. You may call it determination, or willpower, or belief, but it is the existence of this power which makes us passionately pursue our life goals. This belief or willpower may feel like an irrational thought to others, but deep in your heart you know that with your willpower, you can actually overcome all the circumstances that may try to stop you and you will eventually achieve the “impossible.”

Having absolute confidence

From both of his letters, the one thing that we can very clearly see is that Bruce Lee had absolute confidence in himself. Having such clear vision of one’s goals need a great amount of confidence and that is something he achieved through years of mental and physical training to be the best in his art.

Taking Actions Accordingly

Being able to think so deeply about one’s aims in life and having the confidence and belief to achieve that will amount to nothing if all of this is not followed by actions. We need to take all the actions needed to make our dreams come true. And in this regard, Bruce Lee had said, “Balance your thoughts with action. — If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” Need we say more?!

What an incredibly inspirational man he was! Don’t you think? Well, we are highly motivated by the kind of belief Bruce Lee had in himself and his ways of life because of which he accomplished so much. The legacy he left behind by his works and his words is of such great stature that it has inspired millions of people around the world, and his story continues to motivate us even today. May his soul rest in peace.

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