Bruce Lee Had Achieved All of his life goals before he died at the age of 32, because of these Principles

2 Another Letter that he wrote

You may be wondering how a man could think so clearly about his future, and then even achieve all of his stated life goals. Well, for that you need to read this letter that he had written, and let me say one thing before you read this letter, your life may just change after this.

Bruce lee's letter to himself 1

Bruce Lee was just 21 when he wrote this letter. He had an unending faith in himself, in his spiritual and creative force and in his ways of life. From this letter, we get to know a lot about Lee and the principles on which he had based his life. On the next page, we are going to talk about those basic principles, which are so beautifully hidden in between the words of the letter that a young man of 21 years of age had written at that time.


Bruce lee's letter to himself

Bruce lee's letter

bruce li

Bruce lee's letter to himself

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