Here are 7 brilliant hacks you can learn from the armed forces


Our army is the pride of our nation and the reason that we sleep without much worries of enemies attacking our country. These soldiers, both men and women, live in some of the hottest and coldest places on Earth and put their lives on line in order to keep us safe. They also have developed some hacks in order to make their lives a bit easier in those places and here are 7 of such hacks that might come in handy for you some day.

1 How to keep drinking water cool?

Staying in deserts and dusty areas where the temperatures remain in high 40s and almost touching 50 (degree Celsius) is a torture. But our army stays in conditions which are inhospitable by all means and in such places water is a valuable commodity and cold water is extremely rare. So to keep water cool, our soldiers soak socks in ice cold water and store their water bottles in these socks and hang these socks in shades to keep the water cool.

ow to keep drinking water cool

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