11 Brilliant and Convincing Psychological Tricks That Everyone Should Know

8First date adrenaline rush

Want to make great impression on your girl on her first date with you? Take her out for an adrenaline-charged event or a venue like an amusement park, a thrilling or a horror movie or an extreme sports venue. This way she will shed all her nerves and inhibitions and come out relaxed and open to you and make a real connection and even you can gauge her true personality as well.


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9Saying their names

Listening to one’s own names from the mouth of your crush or your beloved is a great feeling. Even you can make a great impression on the other gender if you keep dropping their names affectionally between the conversation and you will see how easily the person turns pliant and accommodating towards you. Most rigid of people can change their demeanour if their names are taken in a respectful and a personal manner so much so that they would turn to be your allies and friends so try this trick yourself and see the effect.


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10How to remember information

This one is amazing in fact it works wonders for students or any academically oriented endeavour. When learning something, just repeat the chapter or the main points to your roomie or your best friend and try to explain them as you have understood the matter. This would imprint the facts in your memory and you’ll not forget it easily. (You just might have a new roommate after a while that’s all.)


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11 “Snackman effect”

This great psychological trick became well known after a video got viral in which 2 men were engaged in an argument in a train when an unsuspecting man just walked between them while chomping a tasty snack. This immediately distracted and stopped the argument as well. The man-eating was soon given a name on the internet, Snackman”. The reason being that food always has a calming effect and when people observe others eating and relishing their snack, they too get calm (and most probably hungry as well) and forget about fighting.


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