11 Brilliant and Convincing Psychological Tricks That Everyone Should Know

4How to make someone talk with their eyes?

You again have a sneaky suspicion that your friend or colleague is hiding something from you and despite the fact you have directly asked about it, they still don’t want to open up? Just do not be frustrated or give up because you can make them talk in other ways too. Just look them straight in their eyes with a knowing look and keep doing it every time they are alone with you or talking to you. This will test their endurance to the brink and they will soon crack and spill out their guts to you.


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5How to get someone to do you a favour?

It’s simple to ask something which is beyond their means like asking the salesman to give you something free in your sweetest manner and feign hurt when they say they can’t. Then ask them whether they can at least offer you some discount… since they are already feeling guilty for rejecting you once they would be more than happy to oblige you the second time to nurse their own feeling of guilt.


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6Talk into a specific ear

If you want some favour or attention spared to you for your business or work, try to talk about it to your boss standing next to them on the right side as it’s known that the right side of the brain deals with the logical and analytical stuff. Whereas if it’s something emotional or romantic which you want to convey to your friends, lover or even your loved family members speak up through their left ear as it’s the access point to the left part of the brain dealing with emotions and sentiments. In either case, you would be not be ignored.


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7Eye contact

Whenever someone speaks to you with direct eye contact, it usually means they are interested in communicating with you or highly attentive to what you are trying to tell them. The same strategy works in case of romance too. If you look directly at the eyes of your person of interest, they would get the feeling that you are interested in their ideas and thoughts and enjoy listening to them which is a great beginning of any true friendship and eventually something more.


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