11 Brilliant and Convincing Psychological Tricks That Everyone Should Know

Having a sharp sense of reading other people’s psychology or at least the pattern of their thought process gives us a great upper hand when it comes to reaching our goals by having better communication and interpersonal skills. This is something which has been acknowledged by great many marketing gurus and entrepreneurs. Gagging other people’s preferences or mood by simply grasping small behavioral hints can make it easier to engage or serve our target audience better and here are some simple ways how to do it.


1How to detect a secret admirer (or a stalker)

Have you ever had a feeling a certain someone has always been staring at you covertly? If you have your suspicions but never know for sure then here’s how you can confirm your doubts. Next time when you again get the feeling that you are been stared at sneakily just break into a long stretching yawn. Since it has a contagious effect the admirer (or stalker) would also fall in the trap and yawn too and you’ll have your target confirmed.

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2How to get through a crowd?

If you are stuck in the middle of a procession or a huge crowd in a concert or even a big house party and want to reach out to the stage or your host but can’t figure out how? Don’t be intimidated just stretch out your body to your full height(whatever it is and just be confident), stand straight, eyes at your target point and just start walking through.

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Just walk straight through

You’ll be shocked how easily you weave through throngs of people without much of a struggle. Just mind that you are not wearing shades or looking at your mobile screen because your eyes need to be focussed on the goal. This is because people making eye contact with you assume that they are in your path and will give way.

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3How to calm your enemy?

No matter how nice or a good person you are you’ll always have haters or rivals who are on a constant lookout to bully you or insult you in some way or the other. Matters get worse if that person is a colleague, a senior or a business client whom you just cannot ignore or confront but have to interact repeatedly for business or any other work. How to manage such obnoxious people? Just sit or stand right next to them in a meeting or a seminar where they have to turn physically towards you to interact with you. This will make them feel awkward or too guilty to be rude to you publicly and even induce them to avoid you or talk as less as possible which by the way works great for you!

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