What Three Major Breakthroughs in Cancer Could Mean For You

The internet is full of news about cancer. This is because this is one multiple condition disease that takes a huge toll on humanity and is responsible for millions of fatalities around the world. Moreover, there are millions too who live with cancer expecting patiently for new treatments to improve their quality of life. You can’t open your browser without getting notifications about cancer treatments. According to Doctor Richard Schilsky chief medical officer of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, “There have been far more cancer drugs approved by the FDA in the past five years than at any time previously.”  So what is the best way one can take care of their health. Here are three breakthroughs that will provide you valuble insight on cancer and its diagnosis.


1Lung cancer screenings. Are they worth it?

Early detection is extremely important in lung cancer. People usually find themselves in advanced stages when symptoms show up. Experts feel that without screenings almost 70% of those diagnosed with lung cancer are already in the advanced stages such as stage III or stage IV which are in most cases incurable. Screenings help detect lung cancer right from stage I.

Image Source: www.lung.org

2How screenings can prevent fatalities

The problem is that screenings aren’t embraced on a universal level.  There are government guidelines on lung cancer screening s set by the US preventive Task Force. If these are followed by doctors, almost 50% of lung cancer fatalities could be prevented.  

Image Source: www.lungcancernews.org

3Accurate diagnosis of positive rates is important

According to Jacob Sands, MD, a physician at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, this is a sensitive and complicated issue that is often misunderstood which makes matters worse. “Multiple studies have significantly overstated the risks, in part by miscalculating the false positive rate.”

Doctor Sands also says that many false positives lead to second screenings and scans while some result in surgery that wasn’t necessary. Doctor sands states that. “This happens much less often, though, than doctors being able to cure lung cancer based on the screening. “It’s worth it to save lives.”

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4What you should do

If you are aged between 55 to 80 and are a smoker having smoked 30 or more pack year (calculated by the number of years you smoked and multiplied by the number of packs smoked in a day), you need to screen for lung cancer every year. The scans are convenient and fast. If doctors find cancer soon enough, they can even treat it.

Image Source: www.radiologyinfo.org

5Are the new surgeries for cervical cancer safe?

Today hysterectomy surgery that treats cervical cancer is pretty much safe and is not as invasive as earlier years. The surgery includes a small cut in the abdomen where surgeons even use robotic surgical technology to make even smaller cuts.

Image Source: express.co.uk

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