Break a record and be famous or die trying

3 Brigitte Lenoir

A rebreather is a piece of scuba equipment that recirculates air, removing the carbon dioxide, giving the wearer clean oxygen. In rebreather deep diving, the idea is to dive as deeply as possible while wearing a re breather and surface without dying. 40-year-old Brigitte Lenoir from Valais, Switzerland was rebreather diving in Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt trying to beat her own record of 154 m. Her goal for her dive on May 16, 2010 was 200 m. Unfortunately, at 147 m something went wrong. This was despite the fact that there many safety precautions, including oxygen tanks on a cable which Lenoir could access, and a team of experts helping her. The most likely culprit was a faulty valve in the pure oxygen valve which causes pure oxygen poisoning. Her death was immediate and she didn’t suffer.

Brigitte Lenoir

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