Break a record and be famous or die trying


The Guinness Book of Records doesn’t support nor encourages people to risk their own lives in order to break old records. Till today there are at least a dozen of failed and deadly tries in attempt for breaking previous records. It doesn’t seem like they will ever stop.

1 Lowell Bayles

The most dangerous records of all involve speed. One of the earliest deaths in the race to be fastest person on Earth was Lowell Bayles. The man was originally a mine engineer before he started taking flight lessons from a former World War I pilot instructor. Eventually, Bayles became a stunt pilot with a team who performed across the country. At the 1931 National Air Races, he tried to break the speed record by going 482 kilometers per hour, which would make him the fastest human in history. While flying 75 m above the ground, Bayles achieved the speed he wanted but, in a freak accident, the fuel cap came loose, flew through the windshield and struck Bayles in the head, knocking him out. After losing the control of the plane, it crashed into a flame ball and Bayles was thrown about 150 meters from the plane. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Lowell Bayles

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