Brazilian Photographer Clicks Photographs of Amazon Tribe Never Seen Before

When a Brazilian nature photographer Ricardo Stuckert was on a helicopter flight in the Brazilian state of Acre, bad weather caused his flight to take a detour. That’s when he had an amazing but scary experience. The detour took him across one of the most remote areas of the Amazon rainforests where the photographer spotted a Brazilian tribe unknown before and it appeared to be one of the remote tribes that are rumored to exist in the rain forests. Only this wasn’t a rumor as Ricardo was seeing them for himself and they ended up being hostile.

1 The tribe is extremely hostile

Being in a helicopter, the photographer was able to shoot some stunning pics but the tribe however showed how they didn’t like the idea. One man even threw a spear at the helicopter. This particular region of Acre’s rain forest is a strictly protected area and perhaps this is why.

Tribe found in Amazon

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2 A remote tribe dressed in warpaint and almost no clothes typical of ancient tribals

In the photographs you can see a small group of people dressed in bare essentials carrying weapons and wearing body paint typical of an Amazon rain forest tribe.

remote tribe dressed in warpaint

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3 The tribes keep relocating every four years

Historical experts are of the opinion that the tribe is the same remote one that came into the global limelight in 2008 when photos of tribesmen painted with red body paint were photographed throwing spears at a low flying airplane. The tribes keep moving location every four years.

The tribes keep relocating every four years

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