Bravo!! Heroic cop in India saves 400 school children by running away with 10kg Bomb

While media heroes are displayed on your screen every day, a lot many more go about their unsung deeds in various parts of the world fairly unnoticed. It took the internet media even in India a while to wake up to the heroic action of a police constable Abhishek Patel of a small village named Chitora in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

1 A bomb in a children’s school

The constable spotted an unexploded artillery shell in a children’s school. With little regard for his own life he picked up the 10 kg bomb and sprinted 1km ensuring the bomb was out of harm’s way. 400 children study in the school and it was during class hours that the incident happened. One shudders to think of the horrifying result had the bomb exploded.

kids reading in govt school

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2 A hero that prevented a potential tragedy

It was local media who rushed to the spot after hearing of Constable Patel’s heroic deed. Breathless from his life saving sprint, he said “My only objective was to take it away as far from the children as possible, far away from all residential areas.”

In fact a small 12 second clip of his timely actions was recorded by a bystander which has now gone viral in India. Thanks to that, Abhishek is finally a hero for removing the bomb in a children’s school.

Abhishek Patel the cop running with bomb

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