This boy died an hour after swimming. All parents should see what had happened to him

What would you do if your child behaves a little differently all of a sudden? Sometimes it pays to be cautious and check any abnormal anomaly displayed by a youngster. This woman learned one such lesson in the cruelest way possible. Although, it could hardly be termed as her fault, this woman’s child died after swimming. Cassandra Jackson’s son Johnny came home after swimming and went to bed saying he was tired. What happened next was an unfortunate tragedy, which can serve as an eye opener for all parents.


1 The Child Was Tired and Wanted To Sleep

Cassandra Jackson lives in South Carolina, USA; she had just walked her 10-year-old son Johnny home from swimming at the local pool. She never gave it much thought when he said he was tired, Johnny then went to his room to sleep. After an hour, Cassandra decided to check on him, but when she went to his room, what she saw frightened her. There was a spongy white foamy liquid covering his face and it appeared to be coming out of his mouth.

Johnny appeared to be finding it difficult to breathe and that’s when Cassandra quickly rushed him to emergency.

Cassandra Jackson

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2 Although She Rushed To Emergency, It Was Too Late

When Johnny was rushed to the emergency, it was too late. Doctors could do little for him as he had succumbed from choking or asphyxiation. In fact, all the while, the water in his lungs was slowly choking Johnny to death and neither he nor his mother noticed anything wrong.


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Coroners at the hospital termed the cause of death as asphyxiation by drowning which came as a shock to Cassandra. How could he have drowned when he walked home with her and seemed normal? That is the biggest problem in such a situation. Your child could be suffering from the situation of secondary or dry drowning without you even knowing it. The child died after swimming all because his lungs were deprived of oxygen.

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3 What is Dry Drowning?

Johnny’s case of secondary drowning, although rare, can be extremely fatal if not tackled in time. The choking occurs within 72 hours, resulting from water swallowed when swimming in a pool, lake or ocean. Even a small quantity of water is enough to choke a child’s lungs, depriving the blood of oxygen.

Doctor Daniel Rauch, a pediatrician at New York University Langone Medical Center has treated a number of cases of secondary drowning. Secondary drowning is also termed dry drowning. An ingested amount of water damages the linings of the lungs and hinders the transportation of oxygen into the blood, while not allowing the elimination of carbon dioxide from the blood.

What is Dry Drowning?

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4 Parents Be Alert, Watch the Video

Parents please take note and be alert to such incidents, because according to Doctor Rauch, it takes a little amount of water to achieve a case of dry drowning all because certain children are susceptible to it.

THIS COULD ALSO HAPPEN IN A BATH TUB, if your child happens to be among those who are at risk of dry drowning. In order to be alert to such conditions, always check for these symptoms if your child has been exposed to water.

  • Difficulty in breathing or choking feeling
  • Abnormal Fatigue. The desire to sleep after swimming,
  • The inability to be aroused or awakened
  • Abnormal behavioral changes,
  • Irrational behavior, crankiness

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