8 Body Parts That Speak a Lot about Your Inner Self and Reveal Your Personality

What lips revealed

Those with wide lips were outgoing and generous and enjoyed doing fulfilling the needs of their loved one. Those with thin lips are found to be more competitive and lonely people and prefer to be alone rather than spend time with others. However, they also like to gain recognition and attention from others.


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Cheekbones, especially the defined ones are one of the most attractive features of a person’s face especially women. But those with wide faces and thick cheekbones also have increased levels of testosterone with aggressive personalities who also display a violent nature and are easily triggered to violent behaviour. Those with high cheekbones are also regarded as arrogant. According to studies, those with well-defined cheekbones are intense personalities because of the high levels of testosterone.


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If you look at your fingers, you will notice that your index finger is shorter than your ring finger. As per studies, the length of your fingers denotes the levels of testosterone that you were exposed to in the womb.


The studies also found that if your ring finger is longer than the index finger, it depicts a charming person who takes risks in both professional and personal life. When the index finger is longer than the ring finger, it shows a natural leader but if both fingers are of the same length, it denotes a person good in communication who knows how to maintain balance.

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Our hands too like our fingers also reveal about our personality. As per the American Academy of Hand Analysis, everyone’s hands have a unique structure that won’t be found in other people’s hands. Our hands too have their own unique print. If you want to see this, just lift y9ur strongest hand with the palm facing you. Now if your fingers are far apart from each other, (more than 0.5cm), it means that you are an adventurer, and have a passion for exploring and experimenting. If your fingers are close together, then it means you are a careful and cautious person who is also a good organizer.

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