14 Body Parts That Reveal How Intelligent You Are

As stereotypes go, everyone is familiar with the common belief that those who wear spectacles are smart by default. A unique study from the University of Edinburgh found a bit of truth in such a thing. Science says that persons’ bodily features could be associated with how intelligent the person is and thus, certain body parts influence the level of intelligence. Whether it is entirely accurate or not, it would be fun and curious to see the conclusions of what are the body parts that signify intelligence and higher brain power.


1Being tall

Taller people are regarded as smarter than shorter people and although that is not a nice thing to say, well, that’s how it is. One theory says that being tall is a symbol of having status. Historically speaking, taller people would get more chances for becoming leaders that gave them more access to information. Their features like height and their status would also be passed down to their own children.  It is also believed that taller people get the best jobs thus being able to give their own kids a better education and who may also inherit their genes and height and stepping into their shoes too.

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2Larger bust

One study found that women with a larger bust size also had higher IQs. Well, isn’t that surprising? Not only was it regarded in the study that women with a larger bust size was most intelligent, those with average bust size were found smarter than those with a small one. This is one big revelation that stereotypes should never be taken too seriously.

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3Blue eyes

People like Stephen Hawking and Marie Curie had blue eyes and it is perceived that those with blue eyes have a higher IQ. Science says light permeates blue eyes more than brown eyes although this might increase the eyes sensitivity to light.

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4A big head

The debate still goes on as to brain size and intelligence but besides that, having a big head can increase your intelligence but not because of the big head factor. It is the lower neuron density in the brain that increases your brains efficiency.

Image Source: biosvita.com

5A broad forehead

Chinese face reading is an ancient art that associates face shape with personality and intelligence. Thus a broad forehead signifies higher intelligence and skill. Moreover, those with big foreheads are said to have the ability to finish tasks faster and understand projects easily without much explanation.

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