Take the famous Blob Tree Test to unlock your personality and who you want to be


Psychology is such a diverse subject that through the simple method of images it can unravel your personality in an instant. Now quizzes and puzzles on the net may be interesting but some of them aren’t just trivia. Take for example this remarkable tree of images which allows you to pick your person.

Called the Blob tree test, it requires you to choose two images which can reveal your personality. It also reveals how you see the world and that can be thought provoking in many a sense. Try it and see for yourself.

1 The Blob Tree test is a famous psycho-analyst test to determine emotions and personality

The author of this psycho emotional test is famous British psychologist Pip Wilson. Pip Wilson deals with people who have a conduct disorder. He is also an expert in experiential learning and emotional intelligence development. Wilson signed the blob tree test which is now famous for determining the wellness of children at school.


However after testing it on Adults, Wilson has observed it has gained a huge measure of relevancy where adults are concerned. So let’s begin the famous Blob tree test.

The Blob Tree test

Image Source: www.diply.com


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