Believe It or not! Meet the bizarre walking corpses of Toraja In Indonesia

Around the world, existing ethnic tribal societies have weird and incredible rituals, traditions and practices that you would never even contemplate in life. Such societies are not averse to being fascinated with age old beliefs of demons, ghosts, the supernatural and the dead. Take for instance, the ethnic Toraja tribe in Sulawesi, Indonesia, which has an ancient history rooted in supernatural and spiritual beliefs. Read about the walking corpses of Toraja.

1 The Incredible Traditions of the Toraja

The Toraja are popular for their handicrafts, wood carvings and quaint ancestral homes with signature boat like peaks on the roofs of houses which are named, Tongkonan. However what sets the Toraja apart from common society is their absolutely weird and bizarre funeral and burial rituals that border on disbelief. The Toraja celebrate death and here is one society who does not adhere to the practice of R.I.P (Rest in peace).

The Incredible Traditions of the Toraja

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