He saw birds doing something weird on water and then something happened!!

Watching nature from up close is a very rare opportunity and for a human, seeing some of the rarest and biggest animals from nearby is something that is seldom witnessed. Zoos might get you close to animals and you can see them, but they are not in their natural habitat and are living in an enclosed space with people constantly harassing them and it just doesn’t feel right.

People organize safaris to see lions and tigers in their natural habitat, bird watching tours to see rare and beautiful birds in their own backyard and whale and dolphin watching tours to see these magnificent creatures doing things that can only be seen in their natural habitat. One such family on a whale watching tour captured something brilliant on video that you must see.

1 Bird doing something weird

A family was out in the ocean, spending time and enjoying nature. But suddenly they noticed something weird happening in their vicinity. They were on a whale watching tour in Maine and suddenly they saw some birds being agitated due to something happening in the water. The water was beginning to show some movement and the birds increased their movement, as if they were warning others of an impending doom. The person who was filming all this got the shock of his life when he found the reason behind the birds’ behavior.

Bird doing something weird

Image Source: www.vaviral.com


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