Betsy, the woman suspected dead was found alive after a good 42 years!


We have often come across cases where the body of a lost person is found in some corner of an isolated place, dead. But here is a strange case where a woman who was suspected dead by the police is found alive after 42 years. It may appear like a miracle case to most of us but it never seemed to surprise the girl’s family who already knew she was alive. Strange, isn’t it? Read along and you will come across some more strange facts associated with this strange case.

1 Betsy Langjahr was Declared Dead

Betsy Langjahr was suspected to be the dead person when 41 years back, a decomposing body of a woman was found who was white and was somewhere between 16 to 20 years. The naked body of the victim was found close to Jonestown under a tarpaulin sheet. This was back in October 1973 and the police believed that the person had died two weeks before they discovered the body. They had then closed the case and it remained closed till recently when Betsy Langjahr was found alive, leading a life with her husband and kids.

At the time when the police discovered the body and suspected it to be Betsy’s, she was a runaway from home. Running away from home, she went into a rehabilitation centre as she was struggling with drug addiction. She later escaped from the rehabilitation centre too. Today, she is living happily with her husband and kids. She does not wish to disclose her location due to some reasons.

Betsy Langjahr was Declared Dead

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