10 Photos that are the best examples that photography is biggest lie ever

9 M&Ms in water

drop of water in the pic

Image Source: www.imgur.com

This must be one of the best photos ever to be taken. You can see lots of M&Ms in every drop of water in the pic. It is taken by putting drops of water on a glass placed above the bowl of M&Ms and then clicking a perfect picture.

drop of water in the pic

Image Source: www.buzzfil.net


10 Splashing Roses

Splashing Roses

Image Source: www.500px.org

Now you must have had a wallpaper of roses once in your life time on your computer or on your phone. Want to know how they click such beautiful pictures of roses being splashed by water? Well it is done by actually splashing the water on roses and photo being clicked on a timer.

splashing roses

Image Source: www.magyarorszagom.hu


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