Be careful and do not make these 6 first aid mistakes

We should be extremely thankful for emergency rooms and hospitals. But before going there for an emergency, you need to administer some first aid to the injury. And that first aid in the first few crucial minutes can be life saving for the patient, especially if the ER is far away or crowded.

The American Heart Association evaluates that 70% of Americans don’t know how to give CPR, which is responsible in doubling the victim’s chance of survival. Handling an injury on time and correctly can have an enormous effect on recovery. But unfortunately, due to different reasons many patients handle everyday wounds the wrong way.

Here are the 6 most common first aid mistakes committed by people.

1 Rubbing alcohol to cool a fever

There is a practice of applying alcohol on the forehead of a fever patient. But the alcohol vanishes rapidly and only presents a sense of coolness; but does nothing to bring down the fever.


Instead of that, try applying an ice cool towel to the forehead, or take a bath under lukewarm water, keep the room cool and let the body sweat as much as it can because it leads to temperature of the body coming down.

Also take some Gingerroot or ginger tea which is proven ways of reducing a fever.

Rubbing alcohol to cool a fever

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