Bakery’s false promotion of crappy sandwich gains huge criticism from Reddit supporters

In today’s world of technology and brilliant advertising software that can spruce up products, what you see isn’t what you get. Deception and false claims of advertising have taken its toll of many consumers who have been victims to such fake ploys of promotion.

Unfortunately, there are many people willing to be fooled by gimmicks and it has become extremely tempting to buy that se*y nice lingerie you see online only to receive a rag. Sometimes though, the public does give back as good as it gets just like this redditor who was surprised at the phenomenal internet support of his post now known as the sandwich of lies.

1 He posted his horrible sandwich on Reddit

When this redditor from new Zealand thought of purchasing a tempting sandwich as promoted by one particular bakery, he never really bargained for the rubbish he was about to be served. He uploaded the pathetic sandwich he received on reddit. “F*ck this bakery,” wrote the editor and reedit replied back in the best way possible. He got 500 comments.

horrible sandwich on Reddit

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