Left alone to die, this baby rhino was saved by humans and now she can’t stop chasing her favorite one

If there is one crime reflective of man’s destructive nature of the environment, it is poaching. Killing a beautiful animal just because of a small piece of ivory isn’t just deplorable it’s the most disgusting thing any human can do. Unfortunately, the crime of poaching is rising due to certain countries demand for animal products required for herbal medicine and of course fashion or decoration.


What such ignorant people do not know is the fact that just as human babies suffer the loss of a mother, so do young baby animals go through a traumatic experience when their mother is killed. Thankfully there are animal lovers worldwide and it was due to one such organization that this baby rhino gets a second chance to live again.


1 Found by the Rhino Orphanage

Nandi is a two month old rare white rhino who was found wandering aimlessly in the wild, tired and hungry the little thing was lost all because its mother was shot dead by poachers. It was a miracle that little Nandi survived and was found by workers of the Rhino Orphanage in South Africa which is supported by the Wild heart Wildlife Foundation. The NGO runs a sanctuary providing refuge for baby rhinos whose parents were killed by poachers.

Found by the Rhino Orphanage

Image Source: www.catdumb.com


2 Nandi gets a second chance at life

The Rhino Orphanage is a specialized center catering to the needs of baby rhinos. Nandi was placed in the orphanage and after loving care and nurturing; she soon settled down and grew accustomed to her human saviors. Being all of two months, Nandi requires milk every two hours or so. Within a few days she had also started eating solid food. Had the orphanage not located Nandi, she might have died because she was found eating sand. Nandi the baby rhino gets a second chance to be protected and live again.

Nandi gets a second chance at life

Image Source: www.onegreenplanet.org


3 Nandi makes good progress

Nandi’s progress was extremely positive for the orphanage. She was observed developing a new past time and that was to follow her human friends all around the area. Nandi is given Milk along with psyllium husk so that the sand is flushed out of her digestive system. Her name ‘Nandi” was given to her by her good Samaritans; the name means ‘love’.

Once the sand had been cleaned form her stomach, Nandi soon graduated to solid food but she still loves drinking milk from a bottle. When she is older and stranger, Nandi along with other Rhino babies will be released into the wild again to live among their natural habitat.

Nandi makes good progress

Image Source: www.schnauzi.com

4 Nandi loves to play

Although there is a considerable amount of time before Nandi is fully rehabilitated, she is steadily improving in health according to her caregiver Jamie who gets occasionally bruised form playing with the Rhino. Nandi loves chasing Jamie around the grounds of the orphanage; After all she is still a baby.

Nandi loves to play

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

5 The sad truth about Rhinos

Nandi the baby rhino gets a second chance at life but to what END!!! With rampant poaching for rhino horns and animal skins, will a grown up Nandi be safe or will we soon hear how Nandi too fell to a poacher’s bullet while her baby may be found in similar circumstances eating sand. This is the way of the world and how heartless humans can be in deriving pleasure of ending life. Watch the video where Nandi is taken for a walk.


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