Avoid This Type of Mask Because It May Harm You Instead of Protecting You from The Coronavirus

7Masks with valves are dangerous and does not protect against the virus

Experts now say that there are also several types of masks with valves available freely. It is a common belief among consumers that the N95 mask is the gold standard for Covid-19 protection. Many feature cool sporty designs making people feel they got the best things when getting their hands on a N95 mask with a valve. A non-medical person and shopper will never know that purchasing an N95 mask with a valve is a big compromise on health and safety from infection. The mask is detrimental to what health authorities are trying to do to stem the pandemic.

Masks with valves are dangerous

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8The reason explained

As explained by Nikhil Modi senior consultant, respiratory, critical care and sleep disorder, institutes of critical care, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi to the Indian Express, “When you exhale, the expired air goes out of the valve in the N-95 mask. If the person wearing such a mask is infected, COVID-19 virus can spread through the exhaled air into the atmosphere, which increases the risk of contamination of other people. So, in a way, it fails the coronavirus-control strategies.” A mask without a valve, on the other hand, will not allow the virus to spread.

The reason explained

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9The CDC says masks are important

The CDC or Centre for Disease Control and Prevention is now recommending the wearing of masks in public. You could also make a homemade mask that may not provide 100% protection but still protects you when moving outdoors. In its guide for face coverings, the agency has advised the public to stay away from scarce medical-grade N95 masks needed for healthcare workers. They also mentioned that masks were one additional step to protect yourself and others form the pandemic because people may be COVID positive and yet show no symptoms. Moreover, facial masks along with hand washing and social distancing are the three biggest weapons that arm you against Covid-19.


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The CDC says masks are important

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