Avoid This Type of Mask Because It May Harm You Instead of Protecting You from The Coronavirus

Doctors and medical experts worldwide including national health bodies feel that one of the major ways to defeat the pandemic is to wear a mask. In many countries like India for instance, hefty fines are being levied on people not wearing a mask in public. Even countries like the USA and UK are heavily recommending that citizens wear a mask to keep Covid-19 at bay but then here’s the problem. People are confused what type of mask is necessary. Worldwide, people are wearing premium masks, N95 masks, DIY cloth masks, large bandanas or scarves and a particular type of mask with a valve respirator. This is a mask that should not be worn at all say the experts because it does not stop the virus droplets from escaping and infecting others.


1Medical experts say don’t wear this type of mask

Medical experts are warning people that an N95 mask that has a valve respirator should be avoided completely because it does not prevent the virus from escaping. Such masks were actually designed to be used by construction workers because it kept out dust particles. What people should realise is that not all N95 masks are the same so don’t go buying just about any type of N95 mask you see in a store or online.

Types of masks

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2Valve masks are not suited for the pandemic and will spread the virus

By purchasing an N95 mask not suited to the present pandemic conditions, you may be endangering your health and of those around you and contributing to the spread of Covid -19. The San Francisco Department of Health warned the public in a tweet in May which said that masks with valves are not safe and may propel germs further. This means N95 valve masks may contribute to the spread of the coronavirus.

Valve masks are not suited for the pandemic

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3Health authorities in India are advising against wearing N95 valve respirator masks

Now echoing the same concerns are scientists of the Indian Health Department who revealed a few days ago that N95 masks with valve respirators should be immediately recalled and avoided by the public because it may propel germs further. According to a leading news daily in India, the Director-General of Health Services Rajiv Garg, wrote to the Principal Secretaries of health and medicine of every state pointing out “inappropriate use” of N-95 masks with valved respirators by the public.

Health authorities in India

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